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Irkutsk Oblast (Province).
Flag of Irkutsk Oblast
Coat-of-arms of Irkutsk Oblast
Click to see Map of the Irkutsk Oblast (Province).

South Eastern Siberia near Baikal Lake. North off China and Mongolia, halfway between Moscow and Vladivostok on the Trans Siberian Railway
Distance from Moscow: 5000 km (2600 miles); from Vladivostok: 4000 km (2100 miles)
Population 2,7 million; ranked 16th in Russia. Urban 80%. Density: 3.7 people per sq. km
Area 745,500 square km (3 times the United Kingdom), the 5th largest area in Russia, 5% of Russian territory
Major Cities Irkutsk (administrative capital, population 632,000 founded in 1686) , Angarsk (population 267,000), Bratsk (257,000), Ust-Ilimsk, Usolye-Sibirskoye
Climate Extreme continental climate. Average temperature in January is -15 and in July +18 C.
Economy Ranked 11th of 89 Russian regions by total industrial output. Main Industries: fuel, oil & gas; steel & metal; forestry & paper; power & energy; machine-building; chemical.
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